This aircraft used default commands and datarefs so there is no need for any extra configuration of the buttons/knobs in the Aviatek Connector.

There is however some extra steps needed in order to configure the G1000 screens.


In order to remove the bezels from the pop out the G1000, please follow these steps:

  1. Start a new flight with the Phenom 300.

  2. When in virtual cockpit, move your mouse to the top of the screen to see the menu bar.

  3. Go to Plugins / Aerobask Phenom 300 Options show/hide.

  4. Navigate to the "More options" tab.

  5. Make sure that "G1000: Disable bezels of popup/popout" is checked (see picture below).


As in most of the aircrafts, we need to pop out the G1000 windows to a separate native Windows window so we can position them on our LCDs. Fortunately it's a one time procedure and unless you change your external displays configuration in Windows, X-Plane should remember the position of your G1000 screens and show them automatically each time you start a flight.

In order to pop out the windows, please start a new flight with the Aerobask Phenom 300.

When in the virtual cockpit, please pan around to see the PFD.

When you roll over your mouse to the top center part of the PFD screen, you should see a popup icon appearing (see the image below). Please click it.

Now we have to extract this window from X-Plane to a native Windows window.

In order to do so, please roll over your mouse to the top right corner of the window.

You should see a small icon appearing (see the image below). Please click it.

Great! Now repeat the same procedure for the MFD.

Now we are ready for the resizing and positioning the windows/screens onto our Aviatek G1000 LCDs.

Please follow the procedure described in this article to resize and position the windows perfectly.


Make sure you have your G1000 configured correctly as a PFD / MFD or otherwise it may trigger wrong inputs.

Please refer to the following article to find out how to set it up.

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