Thank you for choosing the AV G1000!

Please follow the steps below to get you up and running and enjoy flying.


On the back of the device you will find the following connectors:

  • USB *
    Connect to the USB port on your PC.

  • DVI
    Use the included DVI to HDMI cable to connect this port to the HDMI port on your PC.

  • VGA
    Not used in most cases.

  • PWR IN (or POWER on the first generation)
    Connect the provided power adapter here.

    If you have a second G1000 device, please use the provided jumper cable to connect this port with the PWR IN port on the second device.

*) We recommend plugging our G1000 devices directly to an USB port on your PC rather than via an USB hub. USB specification has a limit of permitted hubs on one string and since our devices uses on-chip usb hub internally for the SD cards reader, it may happen that we reach that limit. If you hear the Windows USB connected sound and shortly after disconnecting and all over again, then that's the case. Just connect it directly to your PC and the problem will go away.


There is no power switch on this device. Just plug in all the cables and you are ready to go.

The backlight of the device should go ON as soon as it detects that an USB cable is connected to the PC. It should go OFF when you power off your PC. If the backlight stays ON after you shut down the PC, it means that your PC is providing power even when it's off. It can be disabled in BIOS.

Although you can leave the device always plugged in to power, we highly recommend to unplug the power when not used. It's not only better for the device, it's always better for the environment!


Now you need to install the Aviatek Connector in order to use the device/s with the flight simulator of your choice.

You can find the latest version of Aviatek Connector here:


If you ordered a set mounted on a desktop stand, then it will come preconfigured correctly. However if that's not the case or you would like to change the setting. please refer to the below article to find out how to configure your G1000 to work either as a PFD or MFD:

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