Note: If you purchased your G1000 as either a AV G1000 Desktop Trainer or AV G1000 Complex Trainer and it came already mounted on a stand for you, it should come configured correctly so feel free to ignore the steps below.

In order for the inputs from the device being recognised as either PFD or MFD inputs, we have to "tell" the device if it's either a PFD or MFD. Otherwise the Aviatek Connector might for example trigger PFD inputs when you click on your MFD screen.

Please follow the below steps to configure the PFD/MFD setting:

  1. Open Aviatek Connector.

  2. Go to Tools / Settings / Aviatek & MobiFlight Modules.

  3. Select one of your G1000 devices from the list on the left.

  4. *Select either a PFD or MFD setting on the right side accordingly.

  5. Close the Settings window and you are ready to go.

*) In some cases it may be difficult to know which device on the list is which. For example if you would have 2 x GDU 1044B they would both have the same name on the list. The simple trick we use to check which device settings you are currently editing is to turn down fully the backlight setting on the same settings page. The backlight on your device should go off and now you know which device settings you are changing! :)

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